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How to: Convert with Digioh’s New Mobile Conversion Suite and Google’s Mobile Updates

Hey all! We’ve developed and implemented some fantastic new tools for your conversion needs. Much of it will help you get a head-start on some upcoming changes with Google’s algorithms, but even if that weren’t happening there are still plenty of powerful updates to Digioh that we think you’ll be excited about.

Google Is Changing Their Mobile Algorithm—We’ve Got You Covered!

First up: some news! Google is adjusting its algorithms. However, keep in mind: this only applies to pages accessed on a mobile device (i.e. on a tablet or a phone). The ranking of mobile sites is now affected by an additional criteria: the degree to which a popup obscures page content or distracts readers. This means that full-screen popups or large ones that scroll with the reader can negatively affect your search rank. While Google won’t delist a site for such popups, it is still damaging. Lightboxes fall under Google’s definition of “popup,” so traditional uses—like full-screen coverage for subscription popups—will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Google has put out a diagram showing what will be affected by their new rules and what won’t:

Mobile Conversion Google Does not Like

Mobile Conversion Google Allows

As you can see, things like traditional Lightbox popups can affect ranking, as can fullscreen popups. On the other hand, popups for security reasons (like cookie authorization and age verification) and banner-style popups won’t affect ranking.

The option highlighted in red is what we’re going for here with our latest feature: the Banner Widget Here at Digioh, we knew these changes were coming so we developed the Banner Widget, a tool that will help you optimize your mobile-accessed site without getting deranked on Google. (Note that Google is the only traffic source that this is a necessity for, but you can still set it up for other sources (like Facebook) if you’d like!)

Introducing the Banner Widget

The Banner Widget is essentially a mobile Lightbox designed to work well with mobile SEO algorithms. Like other lightboxes, you can use it with any number of functions and you can design it in almost any way you want! (The basic feel of the Banner WIdget is akin to the app download boxes that show up on some sites. Unobtrusive, simple, and effective.)

Another similarity with the standard Lightbox is the ease of setup. Let’s go through a quick example.

Starting a New Banner

First things first: sign in to your Digioh account. If you don’t yet have one, you can sign up for a free trial account to get a feel it, or you can drop us a line and we’ll be happy to take you through a quick, personalized demo.

Once you’ve logged in, hit the “New” option.

Lightbox Main Page

The next page will have several different Lightbox options. Select the “Banner” option; this will narrow your options down to templates for Banner Widgets.

Mobile Conversion Suite Banner Templates

For this example, we’ll choose the basic red-on-white template:

Mobile Conversion Suite Banner Template

Exploring Features

Now that we’ve selected a template, there are a good number of features you can use to make the most of it: color, design, text, forms, etc. Below, you can see the options that are set for the example widget that control its various features. This one controls the text for the button:

Mobile Conversion Suite Banner Submit Button

And this one controls the text in the box:

Mobile Conversion Suite Banner Discount Text

The “Form” option also controls the email form. You can adjust it to work for nearly any form you need. to use.

Once you’ve got the design to your liking, there are a few other things you can do with it—all of which have been specially designed to help you get the best out of mobile visitors. You can find these by selecting the “Lightbox/SIdebar/Inline/Banner” option in the accordion list on the left.

Mobile Conversion Suite Accordion

Positioning on Page

The first option you’ll see is that of the positioning on the page. With this option, you can choose whether your widget will be on the top of the screen or the bottom of it.

  Mobile Conversion Suite Placement Options

Overlap Options

This option determines whether your widget will displace page content or will be overlaid on it. Think of this as a traditional banner ad versus a popup. One is inline with the text and the other is on top of it. Neither is wrong; your purposes will help you determine which works best for you (but do note that, depending on your site’s design, if you have set positioning to “top,” it could block header menus, and if you have positioned it at the bottom, it could obscure footer info).

Mobile Conversion Suite Overlap Options

Stickiness of Widget

Stickiness will be important to consider, as each option has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Mobile Conversion Suite Stickiness Options

In a fixed position, the banner will disappear as the user scrolls through the page (just like the rest of the page content). This is very inconspicuous but at the cost of being in front of your users at all times. When the option of “scrolls” is selected, however, the banner will remain where it is on the display as the user continues downward—keeping it in front of the users at the cost of covering part of the screen. We recommend using a fixed position, but depending on your needs the scrolling option may work better for you.

Additional Pages

We have found that many people use multiple Lightboxes together to accomplish their purposes (e.g. once a user submits their information, a thank-you page pops up), and we’ve made things much easier from here on out. We’re super excited to share the option to set up multiple pages in a single Lightbox now! A good visual example for our current banner is this:

Mobile Conversion Suite Banner Thank-you Page

This is a “second page,” so to say, of the same widget that pops up upon the user submitting their email through it. Setting this (or any other extra page you may want) is quick and easy, working just like the main page. To get it set up, though, you first need to change the button’s action appropriately.

Mobile Conversion Suite Extra Page Options

As you can see, there is an option to open another Lightbox, but there is also an option to show a thank-you page or to show up to four other pages. This can be used to open a help page or anything else you need, and it’s all in one central place!

Additional Device-targeting Options

Another new feature we have is the ability to target by more types of devices! If you are on the Lightbox home-screen, you can select the “Edit” option to the right of the Lightbox title; if you are in the design area, hit the Conditions tab in the accordion list and then click “Edit Conditions.”

"Edit Conditions" button

The first thing that will pop up is the option to target by one of three different devices: a phone, a tablet, or a desktop.

Mobile Conversion Suite Device Type Options

With this, you can set specific Lightboxes and banners for specific devices down to even showing different options for tablet users!

Targeting a Combination of Devices

You may find that you would like to target a combination of devices instead of just one. To do this, you would select one of the targeted devices (as done above), then select “Add New Rule.”

Mobile Conversion Suite - Add New Rule

Now open the dropdown, and select “Device Type.”

Mobile Conversion Suite - Add Additional Targeted Device Dropdown

Now you just select the additional device you want to target from the dropdown!

One of the best things about the Digioh system is that you can preview your widgets and Lightboxes directly in the editor, but sometimes you want to see it on a real device. What we use when we test for our own site is

Mobile Conversion Suite BrowserStackThey have multiple device options we use to test things out, and the options with the device icon next to them are real devices, not emulators, so we get the full picture no matter what. You can get a free trial with them if you want to test things out yourself. We highly recommend them.

Let’s Get You Set Up!

So let’s get going! Go ahead and try out Digioh for your site (remember, it’s free to try!) and see just how much it can help you increase conversions. If you want some help or guidance or simply want some stuff worked on for you, just send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help out. We take pride in our customer service, and we know you won’t be disappointed; only the best for you!


New Feature: Add JavaScript in Lightboxes to Maximize Marketing Automation Efforts

You can now add JavaScript to Digioh lightboxes to maximize your marketing automation efforts. A simple embedding of a code snippet means you can now:

  • Track lightbox events with Google Analytics,
  • Use pixel-based retargeting to recover lost conversions,
  • Incorporate lightboxes into your conversion tracking software, and
  • Use A/B testing to identify high-converting lightboxes

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Hello World! Meet Digioh Lightbox

Hey Everyone,

This is Rishi, CEO of Digioh. Over the last 3 years we have iterated on our Lightbox technology. Today, we are announcing our newest version! Here are the biggest components of it.


Lightboxes are super effective, every web marketer knows that. But, when you ask, when is the last time you updated your Lightbox, they have a blank stare. We wanted to make our lightbox as easy to use as powerpoint, where you can drag and drop new elements. No need to add any HTML, just point, click, drop… and you’re done!


Usually a Lightbox is cobbled together because someone on their marketing team begged them to add it in. This creates a stale lightbox experience after about a month.

We wanted our Lightbox to be run by the marketing team, so they can publish changes on the fly without having to nag the dev team. Have a new product launch? Publish it! Want to change your headline copy? Publish it! Want to promote a new case study? Publish it! We put marketers in the drivers seat and remove all speed limits.


Each one of your visitors is different and if you treat them as such you will increase your conversions. Our powerful lightbox has 25+ rules that allow you to target visitors based on where they are located, what pages they viewed, where they came from, and what they are doing on your website.

You will have the power of treating each visitor to a specific offer that interests them.


We don’t want to have you switch your marketing or sales software. We are fully integrated with 20+ Email Marketing (MailChimp, Marketo, Constant Contact, etc) and CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Nimble, etc) companies.


When you think of a “Lightbox” you think of a little modal in the middle of your screen. We have a lightbox feature, but we also have sliders, teasers, spring bars, and more! We offer features that make the Lightbox less obtrusive to your users and can still help you be a conversion machine!


Some of the best Google AdWords coaches advise using a Lightbox to lower your bounce rate. It is an easy way to capture leads by putting an offer front and center. We wanted to make the lives of Google Advertisers easy, by tracking which keywords actually helped convert a specific lead. This will give you a better understanding of which keywords you need to “double down” on and which ones to remove. This analytics feature works right out of the box – no special setup required.


When we saw our first 100 beta customers use our new and improved lightbox we were shocked at how they were using it. They saw it as a way to communicate with the web visitors in real time, not just capture contact info. For example they were using it to announce new features, products, or events.

They were able to target their visitor audience on the fly and display a targeted message to them.


We are really proud of what we have built and love watching our customers use the product. They are more creative than us and use the product in ways we didn’t even think about! It has been really exciting to see each lightbox come alive.