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How Salem Web Network averages 5k+ engaged subscribers a day with Digioh

With about 15 massively popular domains like, Bible Study Tools,, iBelieve .com, and, Salem Web Network is the leading publisher in the faith marketplace. Collectively, these sites average over 110 million sessions every month.


For a network such as this, it’s not too difficult to build a list. But Salem Web Network wanted to get subscribers who wouldn’t ‘subscribe and forget’; instead, it wanted subscribers who’d open and click through its emails.

“Finding quality emails is our largest list building challenge. We are constantly looking for more engaged” users (those who open and click an email) vs driving large quantities of subscribers who are not engaging with our content,” tells Samantha Royer, Senior Marketing Manager, Salem Web Network.


To find quality emails, Salem Web Network did a simple three-step process with Digioh:

Step #1: Create multiple personalized opt-in forms

Offering opt-in offers based on the topics a user shows interest is generally the fastest way to build an email list. Salem Web Network followed this tactic and created personalized opt-in offers for its most popular content.

Step #2: Select the pages to make the targeted offers

Once the opt-in forms with the targeted offers were ready, Salem Web Network chose the pages on which these opt-in offers would show up.

For example, for its site, Bible Study Tools, Salem Web Network decided to show a personalized Daily Bible Reading opt-in offer to its readers who were about to leave its ‘Bible reading plan’ page.

personalized opt-in offer

Targeting readers on specific pages with highly personalized opt-in offers

Step #3: Set the trigger rules

After Salem Web Network created the personalized opt-in forms and chose the pages for showing the targeted offers, it did the last and final step of the process: setting the trigger rules (or conditions).

With Digioh, a user has complete control on where (and when an opt-in offer shows up).

Salem Web Network tries different triggering rules for its different opt-in offers. For its ‘Verse of the day’ opt-in offer on Bible Study Tools, Salem Web Network set the opt-in offer to show up when a reader spent more than 15 seconds on any one of the 4 pages the rule specified.

personalized signup offer

Digioh targeting rules

Specifying conditions for triggering lightboxes

Also, with Digioh, Salem Web Network gets to use trending themes to make its opt-in offers even more relevant. For the upcoming elections, for instance, Salem Web Network is pushing just the following opt-in offer on Bible Study Tools:

showing a universal opt-in offer with Digioh

Using a current theme to show a universal opt-in offer

presidential opt-in offer

To promote a single offer exclusively with Digioh, all a user has to do is turn off all the other lightboxes. Once the special promotion is over, the original lightboxes can be easily restarted.

Before trying Digioh, Salem Web Network used a list building system with which it added optin forms to the website sidebar. But Digioh tested out these forms against its own and found the latter to be 10X more effective than the original forms.

Salem Web Network also tests a lot of its forms with Digioh’s advanced A/B testing features. “ We test anything from button copy, to background color , to exit takeovers vs slideouts on desktop, ” tells Royer.

Monitoring all the websites using one Spreadsheet

To make it easy for Salem Web Network to monitor the performance of all its properties, Digioh devised a way to deliver daily reporting via a spreadsheet. This daily spreadsheet report has all the details on how the different lightboxes are performing.

Building a list without losing revenue with Digioh’s ad detection feature

Ads drive a large part of revenue of high traffic sites. And email opt-in lightboxes drive a significant share of subscribers. But both the opt-in offer and the ads like the interstitial ones can’t be fired at the same time.

Publishers often have to make a tough choice and keep the slot just for showing ads. This isn’t the ultimate solution because not every time do they have ads to show, and all such occasions when there aren’t any ads to show, the publisher sites also lose their chance to grow their list.

But Salem Web Network never faced this issue with Digioh because Digioh uses the same slot and balances both ads and opt-in offers. It does so by sensing when ads are about to fire and suppressing the signup forms at all such times — so the publisher site gets both: ad revenue and subscribers.

Before switching to Digioh, Salem Web Network lost thousands of subscribers by not having this ad/opt-in offer balancing feature. Royer mentions, “We’ve historically lost out on anywhere from 5-10k subscribers in a month not having this suppression feature available to us. Now that we’ve more than doubled our email growth, that could cost us anywhere from 10-20k+ monthly subscribers pending the duration of the ad buy.”

The result

With Digioh’s out-of-the-box functionality and some custom coding, Salem Web Network manages to collect more than 5000 engaged subscribers every day. (And it uses Digioh on just 10 of its websites.)

Not only that, it has also stopped losing thousands of subscribers which it used to before moving on to Digioh and leveraging its opt-in form suppression feature.

Royer gives a wonderful tip to every Digioh user: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help or pitch new ideas, because even if Digioh doesn’t have the capability to fulfill a specific need, they always have suggestions with suitable alternatives or are willing to help brainstorm how to make it possible.”

And we also love what she had to say about us — “If you want to improve your user experience and grow subscribers, use Digioh.”

Salem Web Network testimonial

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