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Control exactly who is allowed to access your files. Plus, see reports on exactly who downloads your files.
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Automatically detects when non-subscribers try to access your file, and adds them to your List!
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Why you'll love Digioh

Fast and Easy

You don't need any special skills to use Digioh. We take care of all the hard parts for you by offering you a fast and easy solution.

Digioh securely stores and delivers your file from the cloud, and keeps track of every download, all without having to write a single line of code, or ever having to use FTP.

Maximum Security

Digioh is proud to offer you maximum security functionality. Our maximum security allows you to remain confident that only intended recipients will get access to your files.

Securely send your files to your private lists. Digioh verifies every recipient identity, and uses smart access control policies to ensure the most stringent security when sending your files.

List-Grower Security

Digioh's versatility gives you the option to use your download links anywhere!

You don't just have to use your link in an email newletter. Now you can post it on your website, blog or anywhere else your heart desires. Just paste your Digioh download link anywhere to start collecting email addresses and let us deliver your file. We even automatically add every new email address to your list for you, so you don't have to lift a finger.

This is the easiest lead capturing tool in history!

Download Tracking

Wouldn't it be nice to know who's downloading your file, and see exactly how many people you're reaching? Well guess what! Digioh provides you with just that.

See exactly who, when, and how many times someone downloaded your file. Then follow up with your top subscribers, the ones who downloaded your file.

Get real-time download notifications, to know the second your downloads are happening. And access a complete history of all your customer downloads.

Recommended by MailChimp

Digioh is a trusted partner of MailChimp. Over 100,000 files have been securely sent and delivered by Digioh.

We have worked closely with the MailChimp team to bring you the easiest and fastest way to send files to your email subscribers.

Start attaching files instantly.
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