Lead Capture
Digioh Suite White Paper Sample

With Digioh's Lead Capture tools you can increase the number of inbound leads you get on your website within minutes. On average after implementing our light box technology, our clients double the number of inbound leads on their existing website. Best of all it takes just a few minutes to integrate your existing website with Digioh. You will see an up-tick in the number of leads you start collecting in hours.

The Digioh Light Box

The Digioh Light Box makes signing up for your demo, whitepaper, newsletter, or event frictionless. As soon as one of your new visitors clicks the sign up box we present them with a sign up form. Google reports that by sending customers to another site can result in a conversion drop of 50%. By implementing the Digioh Light Box technology your customers won't have to navigate to a new page and can sign up right away.

The Digioh Light Box is completely customizable so that your brand is front and center.

The Digioh Lead Generation Link

Start collecting leads anywhere with the Digioh Lead Generation Link. If you have a whitepaper or an event that you are promoting and want an easy way to collect leads, we have the easiest most effective lead generation tool. We give you a simple link that you can post on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or even your email footer. This will help you get more sign ups by giving your users a simple clean page where all they can do is sign up.

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