The Best Marketing Automation Software

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to a set of software, and marketing tactics designed to present highly targeted info to your prospects. Think about the last time you bought something from everyone’s favorite mega retailer Amazon. When you first went to their homepage, they probably showed you some products they thought you’d like. Once you added something to your cart, they probably suggested that you also add something from your wishlist. For the most part, their suggestions are usually pretty good, making them a great example of marketing automation.

Why should you use marketing automation?

Properly-executed marketing automation helps you to send the right message to the right person. To put it another way, you’re showing each person content they’re interested in rather than expecting them to sift through everything you have to offer to find what they want.

In order for this to work, you have to be able to identify your visitors, and their needs. If you don’t do that effectively, your marketing automation efforts will backfire. Think about the credit card offers that show up in your mailbox. You probably don’t even open most of them, and that’s because you can usually say with some level of certainty that the offer in that envelope isn’t going to meet your needs.

The companies sending out those offers do so indiscriminately. They’re sending offers to every address they can get a hold of in hopes of getting a positive response. As a result, the majority of people who receive these offers don’t pay any attention to them.

Digioh can help!

Digioh is here to help you implement a successful marketing automation strategy. Our Lightbox helps you to segment your visitors before they even enter your marketing funnel. Our lightbox can identify a visitor’s IP, their geographic location, the referrer they came in from, which page they’re viewing on your site, and the device they’re viewing your site from, and it can show your visitors specific messages based on all of those factors. In other words, you can craft a highly targeted message to show to very specific groups of your visitors.

The lightbox can also be used to collect info from your visitors. That info can be sent straight to any email marketing service like Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget and Pardot), Constant Contact, or it can be imported to any CRM like Pipedrive and Salesforce CRM. There is a lot of Marketing Automation software and Digioh is integrated with over 400+ email marketing and CRM software companies, so you’ll never have to manually enter your visitors’ data into another marketing tool!

We also offer detailed analytics data so you can get a clear picture of who your best leads are, and where they’re coming from. That way you can adjust your marketing strategy to accommodate your best customers, or to bolster support for segments of your audience that need it!

All of these features make it easy to use the Digioh Lightbox as part of your marketing automation strategy.

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