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New Feature: Add JavaScript in Lightboxes to Maximize Marketing Automation Efforts

You can now add JavaScript to Digioh lightboxes to maximize your marketing automation efforts. A simple embedding of a code snippet means you can now:

  • Track lightbox events with Google Analytics,
  • Use pixel-based retargeting to recover lost conversions,
  • Incorporate lightboxes into your conversion tracking software, and
  • Use A/B testing to identify high-converting lightboxes

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Optimize the Digioh Lightbox for improved targeting of visitor segments

New Feature: Share Digioh Lightbox Display Rules Across Site Domains

Today we launched a new feature that will help our customers optimize the use of the Digioh Lightbox to improve targeting by visitor segment. Continue reading


Hello World! Meet Digioh Lightbox

Hey Everyone,

This is Rishi, CEO of Digioh. Over the last 3 years we have iterated on our Lightbox technology. Today, we are announcing our newest version! Here are the biggest components of it.


Lightboxes are super effective, every web marketer knows that. But, when you ask, when is the last time you updated your Lightbox, they have a blank stare. We wanted to make our lightbox as easy to use as powerpoint, where you can drag and drop new elements. No need to add any HTML, just point, click, drop… and you’re done!


Usually a Lightbox is cobbled together because someone on their marketing team begged them to add it in. This creates a stale lightbox experience after about a month.

We wanted our Lightbox to be run by the marketing team, so they can publish changes on the fly without having to nag the dev team. Have a new product launch? Publish it! Want to change your headline copy? Publish it! Want to promote a new case study? Publish it! We put marketers in the drivers seat and remove all speed limits.


Each one of your visitors is different and if you treat them as such you will increase your conversions. Our powerful lightbox has 25+ rules that allow you to target visitors based on where they are located, what pages they viewed, where they came from, and what they are doing on your website.

You will have the power of treating each visitor to a specific offer that interests them.


We don’t want to have you switch your marketing or sales software. We are fully integrated with 20+ Email Marketing (MailChimp, Marketo, Constant Contact, etc) and CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Nimble, etc) companies.


When you think of a “Lightbox” you think of a little modal in the middle of your screen. We have a lightbox feature, but we also have sliders, teasers, spring bars, and more! We offer features that make the Lightbox less obtrusive to your users and can still help you be a conversion machine!


Some of the best Google AdWords coaches advise using a Lightbox to lower your bounce rate. It is an easy way to capture leads by putting an offer front and center. We wanted to make the lives of Google Advertisers easy, by tracking which keywords actually helped convert a specific lead. This will give you a better understanding of which keywords you need to “double down” on and which ones to remove. This analytics feature works right out of the box – no special setup required.


When we saw our first 100 beta customers use our new and improved lightbox we were shocked at how they were using it. They saw it as a way to communicate with the web visitors in real time, not just capture contact info. For example they were using it to announce new features, products, or events.

They were able to target their visitor audience on the fly and display a targeted message to them.


We are really proud of what we have built and love watching our customers use the product. They are more creative than us and use the product in ways we didn’t even think about! It has been really exciting to see each lightbox come alive.