Carbide Processors

How Carbide Processors Increased Its Lead Generation by 50% With Digioh

Carbide Processors — the makers of the world’s best brazed tools — offers 23,000+ hand-picked woodworking tools on its online portal.

Established in 1981 by Tom Walz, Carbide Processors holds the patent on the technology that boosts the life of saw tips and uses its experience and expertise to recommend the best tools to hundreds of professional saw mills, international manufacturers, and craftsmen.

The Challenge

As a marketplace that offers a diverse range of products (right from tool parts to complex, advanced machinery), Carbide Processors needed a better way to get leads, convert them, and collect buyer feedback.

The Solution

To overcome its biggest challenges, Carbide Processors switched to Digioh. And with a simple 3-step solution, Carbide Processors was able to move out of its list growth slump and boost signups and sales. Renee Whitman, eCommerce manager for Carbide Processors, tells “ We use Digioh lightboxes for several things, including growing our email list, converting customers about to exit, promoting a special offer or sale, or answering and solving frequent concerns/questions customers have. We love the flexibility and functionality of Digioh. It’s been a really lucrative tool for us.”

Step #1: Collecting emails

To collect leads, Carbide Processors started by adding various opt-in forms to its site. One of Carbide Processors’ best performing opt-in form is the lightbox shown below where Carbide Processors offers its visitors a freebie for subscribing:

newsletter signup

The response to this offer has been great. “The lightbox for our opt-in email list has helped us grow our list exponentially. Customers respond to it very well and are very happy to get the free gift,” says Whitman.

Whitman also spoke about how the team was initially worried about the possibility of the subscribers immediately unsubscribing after getting the freebie. However, this didn’t turn out to be true, “ […] we’ve seen very little newsletter recipients unsubscribe and are very happy with the results we have got from using the Digioh lightbox.”

In addition to the resident opt-in forms, Carbide Processors also creates special opt-in/offer lightboxes for occasions like Christmas, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Holiday Sales, etc.

black friday lightbox

holiday sales

Also, Carbide Processors uses a bunch of exit intent lightboxes that appear when a user is about to leave a site. These lightboxes prompt users to stay on the site and complete their purchases.

The following lightbox appears when a visitor browses through a few products and tries to leave the store:

exit intent lightbox

To bring down the number of cart abandonment instances, Carbide Processors deploys a special lightbox that fires only when a visitor tries to leave the site from the checkout page. This lightbox offers additional discount on the products present in the visitor’s cart.

checkout lightbox

To supercharge its list building potential, Carbide Processors uses Digioh’s targeting features. With targeting, Carbide Processors can show specific offers on specific pages. Whitman highlights how this feature helps Carbide Processors make the right offer at the right time: “ […] because we can set the lightbox to pop-up on specific pages or for specific behavior, we can really utilize the correct lightbox for every situation at the correct time.“

When asked about the best part of using Digioh, Whitman tells that she likes the flexibility of Digioh’s editor, “It’s nice to be able to add your own images to the lightboxes and change the color schemes and size of the lightbox to fit your specific goal. It’s also really nice to browse the sample Digioh lightbox themes for fresh ideas and inspiration.”

In addition to showing targeted offers, Carbide Processors also uses Digioh to offer additional information like shipping policies and closure messages. For example, to make sure that a transaction goes through in one go, Carbide Processors reminds its buyers using PayPal to fill out the ‘telephone number’ field. With such little nudges, Carbide Processors optimizes its overall checkout process.

PayPal info lightbox
Step #2: Converting leads

Carbide Processors uses Klaviyo for email marketing. So, once Digioh collects emails (or leads), Carbide Processors passes them on to Klaviyo. Whitman shares that the Digioh-Klaviyo integration works right out-of-the-box. “It’s a no hassle, no fuss, set-it and forget it integration. They sign up through the Digioh lightbox and we confidently sit back and watch our newsletter list grow without any work or steps on our part.”

Once Digioh leads get forwarded to Klaviyo, Carbide Processors segments them based on their interests and activities. This helps Carbide Processors in personalizing its campaigns and getting better results.

Step #3: Gathering feedback

To collect feedback, Carbide Processors uses an exit survey designed with Digioh. Using Digioh’s flexible conditions, Carbide Processors has set this survey to display when a visitor completes a purchase.

exit survey lightbox

Carbide Processors gathers some useful insights from the buyers with this survey. Whitman explains how this solves a challenging issue for them, Customer feedback (either good or bad) can be so hard to gain, but is so incredibly valuable.  We can look at Google Analytics til we’re blue in the face and draw best guesses, but it’s not the same as the customer specifically telling you why they did or didn’t buy and how their experience was.”

The Result

With Digioh, Carbide Processors was able to increase its newsletter subscription by 50%. Whitman, who’s been with the team for about 5 years, informs that it took the team several years to make that kind of growth before using Digioh.

Not only that, with Digioh’s hassle-free integration, Carbide Processors is able to send all its Digioh leads to its email marketing solution where they are segmented for sending personalized campaigns. Also, Digioh routinely collects meaningful insights via customer feedback for Carbide Processors, thereby helping it improve its customer experience.

Finally, some huge thanks to Reene for saying these amazing things about Digioh:

“Digioh has been an incredible asset to us as a marketing tool. We’ve basically used Digioh like a virtual customer support representative that pops in just to see if they can be of any help, and then leaves you to shop in peace. Since every customer’s experience is online, there isn’t a “customer representative” on the floor like you get in a retail store front. Digioh fills that void for us. It pops up just to notify customers of important things, and then, like any good customer service representative, allows them to get back to their shopping in peace. In the case that the customer does need more assistance, Digioh creates a lead and allows us a way to address the customer’s concerns or questions.”

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