Choosing the best modal popup tool

The Best Modal Popup Tool for Lead Generation

It’s no secret that one of the most used lead generation tools is the lightbox or modal popup. But despite their popularity, popups raise the hackles of even some of the top content marketing influencers (see what Copyblogger has to say in Do Pop-Up Forms Really Work?). The numbers speak for themselves, however. With conversion rates as high as 5%, the question isn’t WHETHER to use popups, but HOW to use them to get more leads without annoying visitors.

So what should you look for when adding a modal popup tool to your arsenal of marketing automation software? Here are five absolute must-haves:

1. Easy to Use Customizable Design

Look for a tool that lets you create custom, brand-aware lightboxes as quickly as possible without the need for HTML or JavaScript coding. Ready-made templates and customizable themes are especially useful.

The tool should also support multiple lightbox uses, such as email sign-ups, offers and giveaways, content downloads, and more. Each of these will have different conversion results depending on your target customer and what you are trying to achieve. So look for a lightbox tool that lets you experiment until you find what works for you.

Just as important is how and where a lightbox is displayed. A traditional, no-frills lightbox appears in the center of the screen as soon as the page is opened and is closed by clicking the X in the corner. Unfortunately, this kind of lightbox could be highly annoying. A good tool should let you choose where the lightbox appears (floating center, header/footer, or left/right sidebar), when it appears (on open, after X seconds, on exit), and when it closes (click to close, on scrolling, after X seconds).

Here’s how Digioh does it

Theming. We offer more than 125 customizable, ready-to-use themes for multiple uses, including email sign-up forms, discount and promotion offers, course and webinar registrations, content downloads, and more

Interactive layout editor. Our lightbox layout editor uses point-and-click functionality that lets you easily customize the container, buttons, images, and text

No-coding form builder. Our form builder requires no coding and supports point-and-click addition of basic and custom fields. If you are comfortable with coding, you can create a custom form using HTML.

Lightbox or sidebar widget. You can choose to display your lightbox as a traditional modal popup or as a header, footer or left/right sidebar.

Teaser. You can also add an optional teaser that sticks with the visitor after he or she closes the lightbox and scrolls the page.

2. Highly Targeted, Relevant Content

Conversion is all about providing the right content, to the right person, at the right time. Look for a tool that allows you to deliver unique experiences and targeted messages through segmentation of visitors by source, geolocation, past and current viewing behavior, location on your site, geolocation, and more.

Here’s how Digioh does it

The Digioh Lightbox supports powerful visitor segmentation through an extensive set of rules that dictate when, where, how, and to whom each lightbox is displayed:

Personalization. Once per visitor, once per session, once per pageview

Past viewing behavior. Pages visited, past visits, days since last visit

Current viewing behavior. Exit intent, total, active and idle time on page, page scroll, until form submitted, current page

Source. Referral page, landing page, search engine, IP Address, web source

Geolocation. State, area code, city, zip, metro, country, latitude, longitude

Google Analytics UTM Tag. Campaign medium, source and name, content tag, term tag

3. Integration With Marketing Automation Software

If you’ve been paying any attention, you will have said goodbye to the sales funnel and started adapting your strategy to inbound marketing instead. And you will also have figured out that no single software application or tool can do it all for you. With this being the reality, any lightbox tool, no matter how effective it is at capturing leads, isn’t worth much if it does not integrate with the best and most popular content management, e-commerce, CRM, and marketing automation software.

Here’s how Digioh does it

The Digioh Lightbox easily integrates with most commercial and open source software applications and platforms at no extra cost. Here’s just a few of those:

ECommerce applications and tools. Magento, Shopify, 3DCart, CoreCommerce and many others, including open source

Content management, blogging, and website builder applications. WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Joomla!, Weebly, Moodle, Wix, and Unbounce

Marketing automation software. MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, AWeber, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget), ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, iContact, MadMimi, SendGrid, Vertical Response, Mad Mimi, PostUp, and many more.

CRM and ERP systems. Infusionsoft, Insightly, Marketo, Pardot, and Salesforce

Digioh can also help with the integration of backend proprietary systems and custom databases.

4. Analytics With Actionable Insights

Using a tool without knowing whether it works or not is almost the same as not using it at all. When choosing a lightbox tool, make sure it tracks usage and presents that data in a meaningful, understandable, and actionable way. Use this data to find out which lightboxes are successful and why, and then adapt your strategy and optimize your content accordingly.

Here’s how Digioh does it

Digioh Dashboard. See all your data at a glance.

Actionable insights. See which marketing message works on a segment of users. Learn what pages your best leads are coming from. Find out which keywords and call-to-actions convert the most.

Lower advertising costs. Use our Google AdWords integration so you can see which keywords are turning into leads and which aren’t.

5. Customer Support and Consultation

What truly separates the best modal popup tool from the rest is the added value of support and consultation offered to the customer, especially if it is part of the subscription package.

Here’s how Digioh does it

We work with our customers to set up and optimize their lightboxes all as part of their subscription package. This includes coming up with a strategy, and creating and launching the lightboxes. We also review customer analytics and make suggestions on improving lightbox content and design to increase conversions.

Still not convinced the Digioh Lightbox is the best modal popup tool?

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