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Rishi is the CEO of Digioh, loves playing Mario Kart, and is obsessed with web marketing.


The Best Lead Nurturing Tool

What is Lead Nurturing?

Your leads may not be ready to make a purchase when they first visit your site. Lead nurturing focuses on educating those leads, and presenting them with content they find valuable to foster a sense of trust with them. By doing so, your visitors will look favorably on your brand, and ultimately, when they are ready to make a purchase, you’ll be at the top of their list.

Why It’s Important

In today’s marketplace, it’s common for a consumer to do some research before making a purchase. By providing valuable information about not just the product you offer, but about the type of product you offer, you can build a rapport between your company and that potential customer.

By doing so, you’ll make the customer aware of your company, sometimes months in advance of their actual purchase. If they can find the info they’re looking for on your site, they’ll come to trust your company, and consider you an expert in your field. That trust makes them far more likely to buy from you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Newegg is easily the best lead nurturing success story around. Some years ago, they realized their users were smart. Really smart in fact. So they introduced the eggXpert section of their site in which they encouraged more tech-savvy users to help those less knowledgable. Newegg quickly made their way to the front of the electronics retailer pack, and that had a lot to do with the information their customers were able to find on their site.

Digioh Can Help

The Digioh Lightbox is a powerful tool that can help your lead nurturing efforts. It can be used to give away ebooks and other files containing useful info for your visitors. By providing them with useful files, you’re working to build that trust with them, and show them you have knowledge that can help them make a purchasing decision.

The lightbox can also be used to collect information from your visitors, and import it directly into over 30 different email service providers and marketing tools including Salesforce, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Nimble. If you’re using it, our lightbox can connect with it!

You have to see it to believe it – click here to reserve an appointment for a demo today!




The Best Marketing Automation Software

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to a set of software, and marketing tactics designed to present highly targeted info to your prospects. Think about the last time you bought something from everyone’s favorite mega retailer Amazon. When you first went to their homepage, they probably showed you some products they thought you’d like. Once you added something to your cart, they probably suggested that you also add something from your wishlist. For the most part, their suggestions are usually pretty good, making them a great example of marketing automation.

Why should you use marketing automation?

Properly-executed marketing automation helps you to send the right message to the right person. To put it another way, you’re showing each person content they’re interested in rather than expecting them to sift through everything you have to offer to find what they want.

In order for this to work, you have to be able to identify your visitors, and their needs. If you don’t do that effectively, your marketing automation efforts will backfire. Think about the credit card offers that show up in your mailbox. You probably don’t even open most of them, and that’s because you can usually say with some level of certainty that the offer in that envelope isn’t going to meet your needs.

The companies sending out those offers do so indiscriminately. They’re sending offers to every address they can get a hold of in hopes of getting a positive response. As a result, the majority of people who receive these offers don’t pay any attention to them.

Digioh can help!

Digioh is here to help you implement a successful marketing automation strategy. Our Lightbox helps you to segment your visitors before they even enter your marketing funnel. Our lightbox can identify a visitor’s IP, their geographic location, the referrer they came in from, which page they’re viewing on your site, and the device they’re viewing your site from, and it can show your visitors specific messages based on all of those factors. In other words, you can craft a highly targeted message to show to very specific groups of your visitors.

The lightbox can also be used to collect info from your visitors. That info can be sent straight to any email marketing service like Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget and Pardot), Constant Contact, or it can be imported to any CRM like Pipedrive and Salesforce CRM. There is a lot of Marketing Automation software and Digioh is integrated with over 400+ email marketing and CRM software companies, so you’ll never have to manually enter your visitors’ data into another marketing tool!

We also offer detailed analytics data so you can get a clear picture of who your best leads are, and where they’re coming from. That way you can adjust your marketing strategy to accommodate your best customers, or to bolster support for segments of your audience that need it!

All of these features make it easy to use the Digioh Lightbox as part of your marketing automation strategy.

You have to see it to believe it – click here to reserve an appointment for a demo today!



Capture More Leads with Inbound Marketing Software

The Best Inbound Marketing Tool

Marketing has changed. Today’s consumer take their time to get informed about a product before buying it. Thanks to Google, Yelp, Wikipedia, and a wide variety of websites, your customers can easily gather enough information to be well-informed on any topic in minutes, and that information dictates which companies they choose to work with.

People have adapted their habits when it comes to browsing the internet, but there’s a way to take advantage of those new browsing habits. Just think about the last time you made a purchase decision – did you “Google It” before making up your mind?

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is where your customers find you!… Instead of you chasing them down. Inbound marketing is a method of creating SEO friendly (i.e. people can find you on Google), customer-centric content that your audience is looking for, rather than trying to reach out to someone who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer.

Outbound marketing has been the standard way of doing things for a while now. You buy ads, set up a newsletter, send out cold emails, make cold calls, and generally shout into the darkness about your site in hopes that someone will hear you and respond. And to be completely fair about it, if you shout loud enough, you will attract some visitors to your site, but they might not be the visitors you were hoping for.

Inbound marketing works differently. Instead of doing everything in your power to reach outward in hopes of finding your audience, you create high quality content like blog posts, videos, podcasts, and interactive demos. By doing so, you’re ensuring that your audience will want to find you. Outbound marketing yields a mixture of visitors who are interested in what you have to offer and visitors who had the wrong idea about your business. Some of those leads are warm, and some aren’t; it’s a mixed bag. With inbound marketing every visitor is a warm lead. They’re coming to your site because they’re interested in what you offer, not because you were the loudest voice on the internet.

Why should you use inbound marketing?

Let’s start with the cold hard facts. According to Hubspot, inbound marketing costs 61% less to implement than outbound marketing, and it has been proven to generate 54% more leads. If your marketing budget looks a little like the piggy bank above, those two facts alone should be reason enough to give it a try, but there are plenty of benefits beyond the severely decreased cost per lead. For starters, each lead you get will be warm. With inbound marketing, your audience finds you naturally; in other words, they’re already interested in what you have to offer before they ever hear your sales pitch. Even better, if you start with great content, your visitors will come back to your site again and again, giving you even more chances to take advantage of a warm lead!

You have good content! Now how do you make that content work for you?

If you start with good content, every visitor to your site will be a warm lead. All you have to do from there is capture that lead, and that’s where Digioh comes in. Our lightbox is a robust and powerful tool that helps you put the right call to action in front of the right visitor.

Once you’ve used inbound marketing to bring warm leads to your site, the Digioh Lightbox can help you to capture your visitors’ interest by presenting a compelling offer to them. By offering a free guide, a one on one consultation, or a discount on their next purchase, you can get your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, or provide their contact info. Once you have that contact info, you can help them understand why they should buy your product.

The Digioh Lightbox is designed to put the power in the marketer’s hands. Once it’s installed on your site, you won’t need to deal with the IT department to make changes. Just log into Digioh, and use our user friendly editor to change your call to action, or alter the appearance of the lightbox, and then just hit the publish button to push those changes to your site.

Our lightbox also offers a suite of powerful rules you can use to set who sees the it and when. You can create a lightbox that will only show to users who came to your site from a specific referrer, you can target your lightbox based on the visitor’s geographic location, and you can target it based on the page your visitors are viewing. These customization options make it easy to put the right call to action in front of the right visitor.

All of those customization options make easy to create an engaging form to present to your visitors. If you know where they came in from, and what page on your site they’re reading, it’s easy to craft a message that’s going to appeal directly to their needs. You know what they’re looking for, and now you can craft an opt in form that shows them you can give them what they need!

With all of these powerful tools at your disposal, it’s easy to turn visitors into leads, and leads into conversions!  Don’t let all that time and effort you put into making great content go to waste; use the Digioh lightbox to engage your visitors, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of the audience your content has brought to your site!

You have to see it to believe it – click here to reserve an appointment for a demo today!


Hello World! Meet Digioh Lightbox

Hey Everyone,

This is Rishi, CEO of Digioh. Over the last 3 years we have iterated on our Lightbox technology. Today, we are announcing our newest version! Here are the biggest components of it.


Lightboxes are super effective, every web marketer knows that. But, when you ask, when is the last time you updated your Lightbox, they have a blank stare. We wanted to make our lightbox as easy to use as powerpoint, where you can drag and drop new elements. No need to add any HTML, just point, click, drop… and you’re done!


Usually a Lightbox is cobbled together because someone on their marketing team begged them to add it in. This creates a stale lightbox experience after about a month.

We wanted our Lightbox to be run by the marketing team, so they can publish changes on the fly without having to nag the dev team. Have a new product launch? Publish it! Want to change your headline copy? Publish it! Want to promote a new case study? Publish it! We put marketers in the drivers seat and remove all speed limits.


Each one of your visitors is different and if you treat them as such you will increase your conversions. Our powerful lightbox has 25+ rules that allow you to target visitors based on where they are located, what pages they viewed, where they came from, and what they are doing on your website.

You will have the power of treating each visitor to a specific offer that interests them.


We don’t want to have you switch your marketing or sales software. We are fully integrated with 20+ Email Marketing (MailChimp, Marketo, Constant Contact, etc) and CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Nimble, etc) companies.


When you think of a “Lightbox” you think of a little modal in the middle of your screen. We have a lightbox feature, but we also have sliders, teasers, spring bars, and more! We offer features that make the Lightbox less obtrusive to your users and can still help you be a conversion machine!


Some of the best Google AdWords coaches advise using a Lightbox to lower your bounce rate. It is an easy way to capture leads by putting an offer front and center. We wanted to make the lives of Google Advertisers easy, by tracking which keywords actually helped convert a specific lead. This will give you a better understanding of which keywords you need to “double down” on and which ones to remove. This analytics feature works right out of the box – no special setup required.


When we saw our first 100 beta customers use our new and improved lightbox we were shocked at how they were using it. They saw it as a way to communicate with the web visitors in real time, not just capture contact info. For example they were using it to announce new features, products, or events.

They were able to target their visitor audience on the fly and display a targeted message to them.


We are really proud of what we have built and love watching our customers use the product. They are more creative than us and use the product in ways we didn’t even think about! It has been really exciting to see each lightbox come alive.