Get more leads with the foot in the door marketing technique

How To Get More Leads Using The Foot In The Door Marketing Technique

Do you know why marketers draw sales tricks from psychology? Well, they do so because PSYCHOLOGICALLY DRIVEN MARKETING METHODS WORK. They work because: They understand what gets the audience ticking… They identify the cues that…    READ MORE

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The 5 Inbound Marketing Tactics That Fuel Lead Generation

The 5 Inbound Marketing Tactics That Fuel Lead Generation

In the age of the self-educated buyer, traditional lead generation strategies no longer cut it. Today, lead gen is about being found and developing ongoing relationships using multiple, integrated channels. And it’s the marketers who are…    READ MORE

2016 B2B Content Marketing Data and Insights: Content, Goals and Metrics

2016 B2B Content Marketing Data and Insights Part 2: Content, Goals and Metrics [Infographic]

Welcome to Part 2 of our three-part infographic series highlighting key data and insights gathered from the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report produced by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. What we’re hoping…    READ MORE

2016 B2B Content Marketing Data and Insights: Effectiveness and Strategy

2016 B2B Content Marketing Data and Insights Part 1: Effectiveness and Strategy [Infographic]

The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs have done it again. 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends is out and what stands out most this year is just how few marketers say they are effective at…    READ MORE


New Feature: Add JavaScript in Lightboxes to Maximize Marketing Automation Efforts

You can now add JavaScript to Digioh lightboxes to maximize your marketing automation efforts. A simple embedding of a code snippet means you can now: Track lightbox events with Google Analytics, Use pixel-based retargeting to recover lost conversions, Incorporate…    READ MORE


The Only Two Questions That Matter for Effective Calls to Action

Have you given much thought to what the “action” in a call to action really is? Whether you’re asking visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, schedule a demo, sign up for a free trial or buy…    READ MORE


Leverage What You Know About Your Visitors to Deliver Highly Targeted Relevant Content

You already know that delivering targeted relevant content to visitors boosts your site’s conversion rate. And you also know that the key to delivering relevant content is knowing who your visitors are, especially how aware…    READ MORE

Choosing the best modal popup tool

The Best Modal Popup Tool for Lead Generation

It’s no secret that one of the most used lead generation tools is the lightbox or modal popup. But despite their popularity, popups raise the hackles of even some of the top content marketing influencers (see what…    READ MORE

Optimize the Digioh Lightbox for improved targeting of visitor segments