Increase your conversion rates, average order amount and overall profits today. Digioh Lightbox lets you sell more effectively on your Ecommerce website without wasting time in development.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
The longer a customer is inactive on a cart page, the chances of cart abandonment go up. Encourage them to checkout after inactivity. Or send them back to the cart if they continue shopping elsewhere on your site.

Exit Intent Technology
Exit intent technology monitors your visitors every mouse movement. As soon as they leave your site we can show the Lightbox. This allows you to prevent crucial bounces an increase your conversions. Customers can leave for a variety of reasons for example they get a new email, they are doing price checks, or they didn't find exactly what they are looking for, exit intent gives you one more chance to close the sale.

Double Customer Cart Value with Suggested Products
Increase your average order size by suggesting relevant products, accessories and add-ons. Use Digioh Lightbox to show your customers more products they might like.

Announce New Products
Launching a new product? Don't just add it to your store, ANNOUNCE IT! Let your customers know without having to talk to your IT team, easily create a Lightbox, hit Publish, and let all your new visitors know about your newest product.

Real Time Segmentation
Target your visitors in real time. Automatically show Lightboxes based on what your visitors do on your website to increase your conversions! Show specific messages based on pages they viewed, where they are located, and how much time they spent on your website.

Get More Subscribers
Is your newsletter signup form not getting much love? Use Digioh Lightbox to grow your list and drive more repeat business.

Integrated with Your Favorite Email Marketing Services
Digioh integrates seamlessly with more than 20 email marketing services including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber.

Awesome Themes
Design your own Lightbox theme or choose from our predesigned templates to create a lightbox for your website in seconds. No coding and design knowledge required!.

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